Sandy O'Toole Sandy O'Toole

I am a freelance visual communications artist, graphic designer, wildlife
and nature photographer. Wildlife conservation, the protection of endangered
plant and animal species and their habitats is of great concern to me. Future
generations depend on our dedication to this issue. As an artist, I hope to visually represent the beauty of the wild animals I come in
contact with.

Inspired by all of natures wonders and years of experience in the Great Outdoors. (Nature Calms Ones Being When Exposed To The Serenity Felt Within)

Listen when you explore the natural settings of our world . If you take the time to hear the sounds deep within the common realm, you’ll discover signs of life you never imagined. An artist recognizes that there is more to an appearance than meets the eye. Hence, viewing the full perspective buried within our everyday lives is worth looking for. When found, true harmony is bestowed upon us and we are released from the chains of society.

I’m driven by a phenomenal respect for all living creatures . I draw, paint and photograph all forms of wildlife . Animals are like water to me without them I would die. I have had pets all my life. They are the most faithful companions. My endless expedition to find new animals for my artwork will never subside. I’m addicted to the satisfaction I get with each new subject.